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Bookkeeping Solutions

Balanced Entry offers bookkeeping services to all industries. Specializing in monthly general ledger management, all bookkeeping engagements come with managerial ledger reports and a live monthly meeting with our bookkeepers.

Manufacturing Assembly

Manufacturing Industry

  • Cost of Goods Sold

  • Plant Cost Analysis

  • Labor Cost Analysis

  • Overhead Cost Analysis

  • Asset Analysis


Service Industry

  • Cost of Services

  • Overhead Analysis

  • Labor Analysis

  • Supplies Analysis

  • Asset Analysis

Clothes Store

Retail Industry

  • Cost of Goods Sold

  • Margin Analysis

  • Shrink Analysis

  • Labor Analysis

  • Point of Sale Auditability

Placement Solutions

Balanced Entry offers permanent staffing services to all industries. Specializing in human resources, computer sciences and finance, balanced entry has years of experience helping investors and owners grow profitable teams.   

Office Work

Human Resources & Administration

 We have the skills and industry knowledge to place the best  HR and admin staff you are looking for.

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Accounting and Finance

We focus on placing candidates for all your accounting needs. From accounting clerks to CFO level. Along with accounting, we offer FP&A, audit, tax, and other analyst placements.


Computer Sciences

We are specialized in both placements and consulting for IT, software development, system architecture, and database management. We have candidates available to handle any of your company's development or management needs.

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